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Capture Research

Keep a project-based and running library of your research and notes.

Organize Research

Use a kanban board to organize your notes into sections. Export each section to its own document.


Turn your research into writing by dropping notes into a document or outline.

For everything that happens between that great first idea and a published piece.

All great writing begins with inspiration. The writing process, however, begins with an unyielding blank page. You could keep battling it. Or you could organize your research snippets on it. So you fill the page with your ideas, data and inspiration. And write a world-class piece that's supported by cited research.

Save research & data as cards.

Organize your cards in a board, outline or document.

Love Trello? You can also organize any cards you’ve captured using the Airstory Researcher in a Trello board.

Merge cards into your doc.

Use Google Docs? You can also add any cards you’ve captured using the Airstory Researcher to a Google Doc or other online editor.

Publish where you want.

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Made by the bloggers, copywriters, novelists and journalists at Copyhackers.

Just like you, we do the work every day to turn data and insights into copy audiences want to read. But because every doc out there was packed with features we didn't use - and none of the research-focused features we desperately need to use - we built Airstory.

Write researched content faster with Airstory.