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Fred Siika
Airstory is hands down the best SaaS tool that I’ve ever used. I’m a Pharmaceutical/Biotech Consultant and rely heavily on conducting solid research. Airstory is aesthetically beautiful, simple, user-friendly–but most importantly, it’s saved me so much time. I’m getting so much done, I had to force myself to stop for a break. The marketplace and integrations are probably the best thing that’s happened to my professional marketing life. Fred Siika / CLINICAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE, ROCHE


What's the difference between a “team
member” and a “guest collaborator”?

A team member is someone you can invite to any Airstory project in a click and share templates with. Your team members can create their own projects. And anyone on your team can become the owner of a project. (Which is ideal for avoiding those “hit by a bus” scenarios.)

A guest collaborator requires a manual email invitation each time you’d like to invite him or her to a project. Guests cannot create their own projects inside your Airstory account.

Our team already uses Microsoft Word.
How is Airstory different?

Think of Airstory as a friend of Word, Google Docs and Evernote. Your larger team can still use those tools, but anyone on your team that writes a lot will also want to use Airstory for its time-saving and workflow features, like the Outliner, the Card Library, the Researcher, the Template Marketplace, our integrations and project statuses.

You can import and export Word (and related files) easily with Airstory.

Can I import my Evernote notes?

Yes, you can import Evernote notes and automatically turn them into Airstory cards, which you can then drag into your outline / onto your page and share with your team. You can also import content and images from Dropbox, Box and more.

What happens when we need more
than 10 projects?

The base plan for Airstory is 1 to 10 projects. When your team adds more projects, your next invoice will include the additional project fees. Feel free to delete or add projects, and your pricing will automatically be adjusted and billed in the following billing cycle.

Can my team see everything I write in our
Airstory account?

No, your team will only see the writing projects you invite them to. All your work is private in Airstory until you choose to share it, and then it’s only visible to those you invite.

When you invite someone to your project, they can access that project, including the cards in it. This is ideal for sharing reusable content, boiler-plates, testimonials and more across your team and with freelancers.

What file types can I import to the
Airstory document editor?

You can import the following document types:

  • Microsoft Word (doc and docx)
  • Google Docs
  • PDF

If you import a PDF, the PDF will render as an editable Airstory document and may look different from the original PDF.

Is there an Airstory app for my phone?

Airstory software is built to be 100% responsive. Which means you can sign into Airstory using your smartphone’s browser and write directly in Airstory. This is great for jotting down quick ideas and getting actual work done during your commute.

Is there a cancellation or refund policy?

You can cancel anytime. Because we offer a free trial, refunds are not available.

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