You use little things to write big things. So does Airstory.

You can do everything you’re used to, like:

But you won’t have to start from scratch anymore.

You’ll be amazed at how much faster you’ll be able to do 90% of the work of writing – thanks to cards. Add info-packed cards using our web clipper, Zapier integration and more.

Turn your web browsing into productive time.

Send your web clips to your Airstory projects as cards with the Airstory Researcher for Chrome. So you’ll have that great quote, infographic or other data bit handy when you’re working. Plus, the Airstory Researcher auto-captures your clip’s source info. So you never forget a source.

Add it to Chrome now

Find and use that stat your boss told you.

Connect Airstory to Zapier to create cards using your favorite work tools: Slack, Gmail, Twitter and more. Turn favorited chats, emails and tweets into cards instantly. And when you’re struck by a new idea, email it to your Airstory account.

Connect Airstory to Zapier
Airstory integrates and works with

Love Grammarly? So do we. Your Grammarly browser extension works instantly in Airstory.
The rest of the magic happens with your Zapier connection.

Borrow your team’s brainpower.

Ever wish you had, say, your social media manager’s stat about Facebook usage at your disposal? Or your success team’s testimonials? When your team uses Airstory with you, you get access to the cards they share. This is especially useful for teams that blog: if you write about similar subjects, reuse their research. 

Instead of deleting what you’ve written, “cardify” it.

When you’re editing your work, you delete stuff as you go. But what if you might want to use a cut data point or anecdote later? Don’t delete it. And don’t paste it into some scrap sheet where you’ll never see it again. Instead, highlight the text and make a card out of it. So it’s there if you need it.  

HINT: This is a wicked-fast way to make templates and reusable assets.

Cite your cards

Tag your cards

Lock your cards

Title your cards

Copy your cards

You already drag-and-drop your landing pages, newsletters and even graphics together. Why not your docs?

One of the great things about landing page and newsletter builders is they give you a starting point: templates. So does Airstory.

Start with our writing templates, released weekly.

The team behind Airstory is the same team that’s behind Copy Hackers, a top online resource for learning to write copy and content. Every week, we’ll release a new standalone template or templated campaign. We’ll also host a live training session so you can see how to use the template in your business. 

Join the next template session

Create your own reusable, team-approved templates in a click.

Anything you put on the page in Airstory can be turned into a reusable card with our one-click “cardifying” feature. Send a swipe-worthy piece of content to your project or paste it in, edit it into a reusable fill-in-the-blanks format, tag it “template” and click to turn it into a card. 

Fill your card library with reusable, repeatable and boilerplate content.


Approved messaging

Winning copy (for A/B tests)

PR and media content

Standardized content

Approved graphics

Reusable campaign plans

Rules and guidelines

You’ll keep discovering new ways to write better stuff faster as you and your team use Airstory together.

For example, the outline view inside Airstory. Check it out:

Get your ideas onto the page stat. Drag cards under heading sections. Collapse, expand and move sections around. Get everything ordered… and then switch to document view. (No other outliner does that.) 


When your job depends on doing great work quickly in documents, try Airstory. It’s made for work.

Your first project is 100% free for life. Invite guest collaborators, add unlimited cards, create zaps, use the Researcher – do it all. For free. And it’s just $25/user/mo for unlimited projects.

Start using Airstory free

If you’re responsible for creating marketing materials, which will help your team get more done faster?

The old-school sheet of paper

The Airstory drag-and-drop doc builder

“Airstory is quickly becoming indispensable for a number of reasons, most of which is its flexibility. It’s become a central hub for ‘all things copy,’ and I love how its features facilitate both the ideation and execution aspects of writing.”

Stephen Hovnanian, Sprout Social 

Sprout Social testimonial

“Long-form articles that would have taken 20 hours are now taking me half to a quarter of that time! And you’ve inspired me to create templates for every copywriting project so I can save major time.”

Alaura Weaver, Freelance Copywriter

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