Drag ‘n’ drop writing.

Airstory is the writing software for people who write to live and live to write.

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Drop notes into your doc.

Writing is magical in Airstory. Drag a note into your document and its borders vanish, instantly turning it into part of the body of text. Want to move or remove a section? Highlight it and drag it out – and it turns into a new note. (No more copy-paste!)

Drag and drop your notes
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Write and collaborate.

Write blog posts, ebooks, copy, reports, plans, scripts, contracts and more in Airstory. Statuses let you keep your work private until you’re ready to invite collaborators. Templates let you make short work of repeat writing jobs.

Airstory writing software walkthrough
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Borrow and share notes.

When it’s time to write a post or ebook, search your Library for notes on a subject. Any public notes your team has created are in your Library. Find a note you wanna use? Drag it onto your document. You borrow your coworker’s genius, and their original note stays as-is.

The Airstory Library
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Comment and cite.

Guests and your team can comment on your shared doc. Chat about a specific part of the page, resolve comments and turn whole chats into new notes. Plus, track your citations so you can give credit where it’s due.

Airstory commenting

Commenting is smooth and feels like chat.

Citations in Airstory

Track all the citations attached to the notes you’ve used.

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No other writing platform helps your team create more content. Easily. And quickly.

Never start from scratch again.

Pull content from other sources.

Integrations with Evernote, Twitter and Dropbox mean the notes and media you save there can be opened in Airstory.

Use your notes.

All your assets and ideas are with your doc. Use search to find what you need, and drag it into your doc.

Create templates.

Turn today’s campaign brief into tomorrow’s template, complete with templated notes for different sections of the brief.

Use your team’s assets.

Collaborate with your team.

Invite specific people to your project. Or make it public, which means anyone with the link and/or on your team can see it.

Borrow your team’s knowledge.

Instead of asking Jessica if she’s got a data point for X, search your team’s Library and copy her note to your project.

Comment like you’re chatting.

Real-time commenting in Airstory’s friendly UI makes it feel like you’re brainstorming live with your coworker.

Give quick reactions.

Leave smileys, thumbs-ups and even quick comments – like “Check the spelling” – on a document with just a click.

Set statuses to protect your work.

Is your doc private? Ready for review? Under review? Approved? Use statuses to let your team in – or keep them out. 

Grab ideas from anywhere.

Send notes from your iPhone.

Use the Airstory app for iPhone to send notes straight to your project or Library. Use “share” in iOS8+ to send images and audio, too.

Clip from the web.

Install the Airstory Researcher in your web browser, and send your online research to Airstory.

Email ideas to your project.

Send an email – or forward a helpful email thread – to a project or to your team’s Library, where it turns into a note. 

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