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Teams execute faster in Airstory. Write collaboratively as a team, and invite guests to help you get more done. The document is just the beginning. You’ll find that the Card Library will be your team’s single source of truth for data, templates, facts, testimonials, graphics, exec bios – everything that’s at the core of your team’s execution. And you’ll love using the Airstory Researcher to send a world of research straight to your document.

Work together online – securely across all your devices. Airstory is how content strategists and marketing teams get and stay on the same page.

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Hands down the best Saas tool that I’ve ever used. I’m a Pharmaceutical/Biotech Consultant and rely heavily on conducting solid research. Your product is aesthetically beautiful, simple, user-friendly–but most importantly, it’s saved me so much time. I’ve literally been working on a project for the past 16 hours and had to force myself to get out of the house for a couple of hours for a break. The marketplace and integrations you’ve incorporated is probably the best thing that’s happened to my professional marketing life.
Fred C. Siika, Clinical research associate, Roche
I’m in love with Airstory. Had to share a huge time-saver experience: Recorded interview with customer for a case study. > Put transcript in as a “tab” for my project. > Clipped all the good chunks of discussion into cards > Created outline in another “tab” > Dragged cards where they belong in the outline (which obviously didn’t follow the interview). I went from transcript to editing in like 5 minutes. Massive. Epic. 
Stephan Hovnanian, Content solutions architect, Sprout Social