Middle management didn't tell you to use it. And 7 other reasons to choose Airstory.

When it's time to get real writing work done, it's time for Airstory. There are easily a million reasons to make short work of your everyday writing tasks inside Airstory. Here are the ones that'll change your life. No big deal. Just life changing.

Easy menus in Airstory

Most obvious reason: we've got an alien and monkeys. 

Right above your Airstory doc, you'll see a little alien dude. Click on that dude and drag him back through time. Congratulations! You just used Time Travel to fly back through all the iterations of your document. This is versioning at its most Darwinist.

Outline in Airstory

You're not faxing your document to 1994. So you can lose the page border, for starters.

Infinite borderless pages are just the beginning. In Airstory you can keep your notes next to you the whole time you write. And drag them onto the page (obviously). And move them around on the page (obviously). And highlight text you've written and turn it into a note in a click, in case you wanna save it for later. (Obviously). And switch to "outline" then back again. And add tabs because a Table of Contents is not enough. Obviously. Obvious to you. Obvious to us. Not so obvious to Google Docs or Microsoft Word, which are registered trademarks blah blah blah asterisk.  

Borrow your team's brains. Because "collaborate" is just a fancy word for "get into a pissing match over adverbs." 

Sure, collaborative writing is a thing, and you can do that thing inside Airstory using ye olde "Share" button plus commenting. Watch people show up in your doc. It's so fun to eavesdrop. Yadda yadda. But here's what pro writers know: Most of the people on your team need to contribute hard info to whatever you're writing. Their (ahem) feedback on your phrasing is not really the point. So invite your team before you even start writing! Get them to add notes to your project for things like:

- Approved testimonials
- Repeatable messaging
- Legal-approved copy
- Quarterly figures
- Product facts

- Corporate bios
- Boilerplates
- Research and data points
- Clever li'l ideas that woke 'em up last night

Drag and drop your team's notes
Your whole team can share notes and reuse them across projects.

When you find something fab on the interwebs, highlight it and send it straight to your document.

Y'know that "34 Top-Secret Cat Facts Your Ragdoll Doesn't Want You to Know" blog post you keep meaning to write? You can write it faster with Airstory. Just add the Airstory Researcher to Chrome. Then right click on a pic or highlight text to send it back to your Airstory document. Next time you open your document, you'll find all your cat research there - ready to be dropped into that kickass blog post. (BTW, everyone here wants to read it.) - Clip text - Clip images - Capture source info, like URLs - Tag your clips - Send clips to any of your docs - Cite all your research - Drag clips onto the page

Puff the magic ragdoll

Write on your phone. Because it's in your hand. So you should use it. 

Airstory is 100% responsive. Which means you can sign into Airstory in your phone's browser and write, add notes, drag notes onto the page and review someone else's writing. Of course this also means that you can pick up where you left off no matter what device you're on. So if you wrote something on your work computer, you can keep working on it on your tablet and bring it up on your personal Macbook when you get home. It might seem crazy to say "no more emailing docs to yourself! no more flash drives!" but people still do that stuff. With Airstory, you don't have to. 

Airstory is responsive writing software
Publish as a template
Hit the "Publish" button to publish your writing as a shareable template, send it to WordPress, download it as a Word doc - the list goes on.

If you can jazzercise, you can templatize. (If you can't jazzercise, can you at least mousercize?)

We've got this library of templates, which is cool. But the coolest thing is that YOU can make your own team-friendly templates in a click.  So let's say your team has to write their quarterly goals. Yay! Fun! Everyone's favorite! Instead of emailing around a template you want them to use each quarter, you can upload that template to an Airstory project, hit Publish > Airstory Template, and save it immediately in your whole team's shared template library. Now everyone's always got the right template to work off of. And they can add tabs for each quarter. And invite you to it. With beautiful consistency. Aw, man, that's good stuff.

Let's not forget about Airstory's growing world of integrations.

Import your Evernote notes. Import your Instagram pics. Import files and images from your desktop, Dropbox, Google Drive or Box. Upload Word docs. Upload Google Docs. Upload PDFs. Export to WordPress. Export to Google Drive. Export to multiple Word formats. Export to HTML. Export to HTML with styling preserved. And integrate with Zapier for a crap-ton of other cool connections, like sending starred Gmail messages to Airstory as notes. (Use case: When you're ready to write that report, have those stats Dave the Analyst emailed you handy.) 

Airstory integrations

If you blog on WordPress...

"Publish straight to WordPress! Airstory is SaaS for writers built by writers. Their experience shows in every feature and the way they’ve designed the platform. If Google Docs & Evernote had a love child, they couldn’t have done better than Airstory. I love long form & research-based writing on their platform."
Chris Lema
VP of Product, LiquidWeb

If you do customer research...

"I’m in love with Airstory. Had to share a huge time-saver experience: I uploaded a customer interview transcript as a tab in Airstory. Then went through it and clipped all the good chunks into notes. In a second tab, I created an outline. Then I dragged my notes onto the outline. I went from transcript to editing in like 5 minutes. Massive. Epic."
Stephan Hovnanian
Content solutions architect, Sprout Social


Write without borders. Eliminate versioning issues. Avoid battles between file types. Export to multiple formats. Work on the go. Autosave everything. Work light. Go easy on memory. Go paperless. Strut like a champ.

If you write for a living...

"I'm already seeing a huge improvement to my writing process & workflow. The outline view and citation cards are life savers. Long-form articles that would have taken 20 hours to research & write are taking me half to a quarter of that time."
Alaura Weaver
Freelance copywriter

If you research for a living...

"As a biotech consultant, I rely heavily on conducting solid research. Airstory is aesthetically beautiful, simple, user-friendly... but most importantly, it’s saved me so much time. I’m getting so much done, I had to force myself to stop for a break."
Fred Siika
Clinical research associate, Roche

Stop doing your job in the same writing software 7 year-olds use to format letters to Santa. As much as we all love Santa.

The writing platform you've been using was made for every single person who can type a sentence. You're the super-advanced version of that person. #bebetterthanthat