Here's what's next for Airstory software for writing teams

Your wishlist features are probz on our product roadmap. (If not, tweet us!) Here's a view into what's on the horizon over the next 6 months... and approximately when you can expect it. 

Recently completed...

UI overhaul
COMPLETED: Dec 9, 2017 100%
Floating cards
COMPLETED: Dec 9, 2017 100%
General release with focus on browser compatibility
COMPLETED: Jan 16, 2018 100%
Browser notifications
COMPLETED: Jan 16, 2018 100%

Early 2018

Easy-share quicklinks for projects, including "frictionless signup"
Updated ETA: Feb 6, 2018 80%
Writer-friendly track changes
ETA: Mar 26, 2018 70%
Workflow management with deadline lock
ETA: Mar 26, 2018 60%
Kanban-like project management
ETA: Mar 26, 2018 35%

Mid 2018

Pausable / Mutable spellcheck
ETA: Apr 9, 2018
Native iPhone app
ETA: May 1, 2018
Offline mode
ETA: May 7, 2018
Outliner optimization
ETA: June 2018
Brief drawer
ETA: June
Document branching (Time Travel update)
ETA: July
Native desktop app
ETA: July

The writing software made for high-performing teams is always getting better

If you write for a living...

"I'm already seeing a huge improvement to my writing process & workflow. The outline view and citation cards are life savers. Long-form articles that would have taken 20 hours to research & write are taking me half to a quarter of that time."
Alaura Weaver photo
Alaura Weaver
Freelance copywriter

If you research for a living...

"As a biotech consultant, I rely heavily on conducting solid research. Airstory is aesthetically beautiful, simple, user-friendly... but most importantly, it’s saved me so much time. I’m getting so much done, I had to force myself to stop for a break."
Fred Siika
Clinical research associate, Roche