Install the Airstory Researcher

Add this fast, lightweight web clipper to your Chrome browser. Create new cards and send them straight to your selected Airstory project. Just highlight text on a page. Or right-click on an image. Plus, the Airstory Researcher auto-captures info about the source – so you don’t have to make note of the URL.

Add it to Chrome now

If you’ve got an older version installed, please delete it first by going to Chrome > Preferences > Extensions and clicking the trashcan icon next to Airstory Researcher. 

Connect Airstory to Zapier

If you’ve got a Zapier account, you’re going to love how easily you can send important info to Airstory as cards using Zapier. Turn starred Gmail emails into cards. Turn starred Slack messages into cards. Send Typeform entries to Airstory as cards (which is great for copywriting). And more.

See how to connect Airstory and Zapier

Zapier has free and paid versions.

And coming Spring 2017

Export your Airstory docs to WordPress. For faster publishing.

Export your Airstory docs to MailChimp. And send better emails your team’s approved.