Create Airstory Cards Automatically with Zapier 🎉

We’re inviting you to try our new Zapier app (beta) to make even shorter work of creating content



Zapier (rhymes with “Happier”) is the reigning champion of business app automation.

Freelancers, entrepreneurs and big businesses use Zapier to create powerful workflows that automate the normally tedious process of moving data between applications.

There are 750+ apps connected to Zapier, and connecting any 2 apps together is called making a “Zap.”

Never heard of Zapier? Here’s a quick primer.

Make Copy and Past a Thing of the Paste 🙂

The new Zapier app for Airstory is all about automating the process of card creation… feeding Airstory the data, research, content and conversations that are waiting to be plucked from the tools you already use — without the bother of continual copy and paste.

Slack, Gmail, Twitter, Evernote and Typeform are perfectly suited for automating card creation in Airstory.

Here are some examples of what you can do with Airstory and Zapier:

  • When you “star” a message in Slack (in any channel), it’ll automatically appear as a card in the Airstory project of your choosing.
  • When you “like” a tweet — or even when you’re mentioned in a tweet — it’ll show up as a card in Airstory.
  • When you send yourself a quick note in Gmail and use the subject line “new card,” yep, you guessed it. New card in Airstory.
  • When you create a new note in Evernote, it’ll be available for you in Airstory.
  • When you’re running a Typeform survey and you want to include some qualitative responses in your next piece of content, push them into Airstory as cards.

Oh, the possibilities!

Once you set up your Zaps, you can sit back and watch the cards flow directly into your Airstory projects — without lifting a finger — and then drag and drop those cards into your documents.

(Note: Zapier has a free plan that’ll let you create 5 Zaps and automate up to 100 tasks per month.)

Time to Get Your Zap On ⚡️

We’re excited to see what happens when people start connecting Airstory to their favorite business apps.

But our new Zapier app isn’t available to just anyone. It’s in beta.

So we have a special link to give you access — at the bottom of the page — but please keep reading if you want to watch us put Zapier into action!

If you don’t have a Zapier account, here’s what you’ll see after clicking our special access button:


And if you already have a Zapier account, here’s what you’ll see when you click the button:


Just click the big orange button (new Zapier users will eventually see this page, too).

Once you’re in, it’s time to create a Zap!

We’ve been experimenting a lot over the past week, and we’d love to share some examples of useful new automations to help you get more done faster.

So here are 4 videos to get you started…

Our Favorite Zaps 💖

Star any message in Slack to create a card:


Like a tweet or get mentioned on Twitter:


Connect a Typeform survey to your project:


Email a note (using Gmail) directly to your card library:


What Will You Create? 🚀

Have fun building your Zaps, and please let us know which ones improve your productivity!

In the very near future, we’ll give you the ability to Zap content out of Airstory and into your favorite publishing platforms.

If anything looks broken or happens unexpectedly, shoot me an email at

Okay, I’m Ready to Connect Airstory to Zapier