Let’s start with the great big list of Airstory features. In case you’re a list kinda person.

  • Drag-and-drop document builder
  • Guest and team collaborators
  • Real-time synchronous editing
  • Threaded comments
  • Shared Card Library
  • Privacy settings for projects
  • Privacy settings for cards
  • Collaborator permission management
  • Autosaving
  • Security with backups
  • Excel-like page tabs
  • Export to Google Docs
  • Borderless writing canvas
  • Searchable, sortable Card Library
  • Airstory Researcher web clipper for Chrome
  • Zapier integration
  • Cardifying (turn on-page content into cards)
  • Card tagging
  • Card citations, including source auto-capture (Researcher)
  • Seamless outliner
  • Emoji and gif support
  • Word-count goal setting and tracking
  • Deadline setting (plus, sort projects by deadline)

Made for teams that write for work. Like content marketers, product marketers and HR / legal departments.

Write Powerfully with Airstory

With other writing software, you’re always starting from scratch. Not with Airstory.

Work fast – and consistently – by sharing writing templates across your team’s projects.

No other writing platform makes it this easy to make, find and share writing templates. To create a template in Airstory, highlight text and convert it to a card. To use it, drag it onto your document and merge it. Template your proposals, briefs, reports, blog posts, job descriptions and more.

See how to drag cards onto your workspace. (0:52)

Use your team’s cards in your writing projects.

Your card library instantly includes all the cards for all the projects that 1) have been shared with you and 2) are in your team’s shared Airstory account. That means all the cards your research analyst, data analyst, coordinators and copywriters create are at your fingertips when you’re ready to outline and write.

See how to use your team’s cards in your projects. (2:56)

Send research straight to your Airstory projects.

When you clip a data point, study, anecdote, testimonial, story, graph – anything – online, where does it go? Send it straight to your Airstory projects using the Airstory Researcher in your web browser.

See how to use the Airstory Researcher. (1:55)

If you’re used to collaborative editing, we’ve got you covered. (Plus a few extras marketers love.)

Write with each other. In real time.

Sometimes you want to write alone. But other times you need the help of your team, including your reviewers and assistants. When you’re ready to collaborate, invite others to your project. COMING SOON: Set statuses like “Ready for review” and “Finalized.”

See how to write with others in Airstory. (0:51)

Set writing goals. And track your progress.

When’s your first draft due? How many words does it need to be? Set deadlines and goals in Airstory. And sort your projects by due date. (Airstory is made for people who write for a living, by people who write for a living.)

See how to set deadline and word count goals. (0:35)

Why delete? Why cut? Turn text into a card in a click.

Highlight anything you write. Click a button. And instantly turn the highlighted text into a brand new card. Then tag it, title it – or just leave it be until you’re ready to use it later, in any project.

See how to convert text on your page into a card. (1:58)

Great for small campaigns and bigger content marketing.

Big campaign? Organize marketing writing with spreadsheet-like tabs. In 1 place.

Stop relying on a table of contents, search or “go to page” to move around your writing projects. Use tabs to keep everything in order: the brief, drafts, chapters and supporting documents.

See how to add tabs to the bottom of the Airstory workspace. (1:13)

Switch between your outline and editor. To make fast work of big writing tasks.

Outline anything you write for work: blog posts, lead-gen ebooks, landing pages, reports. And toggle between your outline and your draft. So you can see the high-level structure – and then dig deep into the words.

See how to toggle between your outline and document. (1:09)

Make big structural changes in a second.

When you get big feedback on the organization of a major project – like your company’s newest ebook – just switch to Outline view. You’ll be able to move huge sections around by simply dragging a bullet from one place to another. Watch to see how.

See how to move massive sections of your document – without anxiety. (1:36)

Doing heavy research for a piece? Cite your work fast.

The content your audience wants is deeply researched and well-supported. So track the original source of all your card content. And easily cite your most researched pieces.

See how to track authors for your team’s research. (1:45)

Extend the power of Airstory

Connect with Zapier to turn messages in your team communication tools into Airstory cards. Coming soon: publish to WordPress and MailChimp.

Airstory integrates and works with

Made for teams that write for work. Like content marketers, product marketers and HR / legal departments.

Write Powerfully with Airstory